Spot color screen printing is the most basic of our screen printing services. Your design will be broken down into each of the colors in the design and printing one at a time. Each color will have it's own screen setup and a single color will be printed through it. Colors are printed one at a time until the completed design is complete.




CMYK is a more complex screen printing process that involved printing 4 colors - cyan, magenta, black, and yellow. These 4 colors combine, much like a photograph, to create just about any color imaginable. These prints are most common with designs that have a lot of colors blended together such as photographs or complex multi color designs with lots of fading/blending. There is an additional charge for CMYK printing and the artwork will need to be checked to ensure that it will work properly with the CMYK printing process.




Discharge is one of the most popular printing methods for high end prints on dark garments. The inks used in the discharge process actually remove the color from the shirt itself and replace it with the color being printing. The shirt actually takes on the new color. This results in the softest feel possible as there is no ink actually sitting on the shirt. The ink becomes the shirt itself and after a wash you will not be able to feel the ink at all. Discharge works best with 100% cotton, but it also produces interesting results on some blended materials. 


Simulated process printing is a technique that uses halftones in a few different solid colors to create a multicolor print. Unlike CMYK, this process is usually done on darker colored shirts and uses white as one of the print colors as an underbase and sometimes a top highlite layer.

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